Perfect Moments and the Ring for the Right Woman

There is a beautiful wedding ring for everyone, but how do you find out which ring suits you best? Read our blog with the tips for choosing the perfect ring.

The 10 ultimate tips for the perfect wedding rings

You wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, therefore it must be perfect and symbolize your love. In this blog we give the ultimate tips you need to think about when choosing the ring that best suits you, your loved one and all your milestones together. morans restaurant

  1. Good preparation is half the work

Choosing a wedding ring starts with orienting and making choices. Our goldsmiths want to make a ring that suits you now, but also when you celebrate the 50th anniversary together. This is a ring that symbolizes all your special moments together. When you and your loved one visit a jeweler, it is therefore important to know what is possible and what your preferences are. Read the following 9 tips to get well prepared to a jeweler in your area.

  1. Matching rings: are you going for a set?

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So less attention is paid to wedding rings that are identical or belong together.

  1. Existing ring or own design?

Do you have specific wishes that you want to process in the wedding rings? In our rings atelier we also create many truly unique rings in addition to the collection of wedding rings. More than half of the rings that leave our studio are customized. Together with the jeweler, you can put together your dream ring that is made to measure and made to your liking. For the wedding rings for women there are more options.

  1. Color as well as appearance

Wedding rings are available in a variety of materials, from gold or platinum to palladium or silver. Do you prefer the most famous precious metal, gold? And do you opt for yellow, white or rose gold? Or do you tend more towards the less common platinum? For those who really cannot choose, multi-color rings may offer the solution.

  1. You cannot argue about taste – what is your style?

Where some women dream away with traditional and romantic rings with large diamonds, more and more modern rings are made and sold. Have you used to dream away at the ring of your grandmother.

A personal touch through symbolism

A wedding ring symbolizes the everlasting solidarity of a love couple. In addition, different types of gems have a symbolic value such as the ruby ​​as a symbol of the heart, the diamond as a beacon of indestructible love and aquamarine for a happy married life. To give your wedding rings a personal touch, you can think about the symbolism in precious stones.
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